Subaru STi Parts For Subaru Lovers

The Subaru Impreza WRX manufactures the Subaru Tecnica International (STi) model of this amazing car. This is an efficiently performing vehicle which can be used for professional racing, street racing or as a commuter car for the avid driver. This car has a cult following of loyal fans who would love to know more about the Subaru STi parts.

The Subaru STi

What makes this car stand out from among the rest of the cars on the market is the classic boxer engine and the six speed manual transmission. This engine has a low center of gravity which gives the driver more control. The engine design creates more stability allowing the vehicle to grip the road while maintaining a high speed. The pistons in the engine move horizontally and lie flat giving the car more balance.

The engine is smooth and powerful but it is also turbo charged. The turbo transformed the usage of oxygen in the engine and it has the power of a turbine. This small engine is so fast it can be used to fly an airplane. Through a custom conversion process, you can also convert your Subaru STi semi closed deck engine into a fully closed deck engine. This will allow the car to handle high-boost applications with ease.

All Wheel Drive

The all wheel drive of the STi gives the drive train and all of the wheels the simultaneous force to act over a distance while rotating. This feature makes it an amazing off road vehicle and the irony is that it appears to be a sports car. It can drive across any terrain because the drive train and the wheels are linked to center differentials. What makes this all wheel drive special are the axles, which can rotate at different speeds giving the car more traction on the road.

Driver controlled Center Differential

The driver will have total control over the centered differential which allows the wheels to move at different speeds, controls the electronic clutch, and gives it a limited slip differential to manage the power between the front and rear wheels. The driver controlled center differential has been designed to run smoothly with anti lock brakes. When the anti lock brakes are in use then the differential will remain open and unlocked. This is quite an achievement for racing cars to have both capabilities because it creates high speed, allows the car to stream line corners while braking quickly and steadily.

Followers of the STi know that this car handles itself like a sports utility vehicle, drives like a sports car, feels like a luxury car, and provides the comfort of a family station wagon. They can race it on the weekend and commute to work during the week. There is no other car in this class.

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